Organic & Fair Trade

Social and Environmental Responsibilities


Organic Coffee

We strongly believe coffee produced organically is essential in preserving the health of the consumer, the farmer and his community and the planet. Small farming communities depend on ground water for health and well being. Pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides have been destroying the water for these people for many generations. Organic methods are also part of a world view that protects the bio-diversity of the coffee producing lands.


Fair Trade or Ethically Traded

We believe farmers and workers in developing countries deserve a fair return for their products and labour. We are part of a production and supply chain that:

• Purchases coffee directly from democratically run grower co-ops

• Enhances longer-term trade relationships between broker and farmer

• Provides cash advances and affordable credit for capital improvements for farmers

• Monitors health and safety standards

• Promotes equality in decision making and profit sharing

• Provides training programs for farmers to help them improve their yields while diversifying their crops

Purchasing Fair Trade Certified coffee helps develop economic independence and empowerment for farmer cooperatives and their members, bringing stability and a higher standard of living.