Make Great Coffee at Home


Coffee is 98% water—use the best water you can find. Clean filtered water will give the best and most consistent results.


For the freshest-tasting coffee, buy only as much as you'll use in a week. Grind your whole bean coffee right before brewing, if possible. Store your coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

 The Golden Measure

Use two slightly rounded tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. Using less will bring out undesirable bitterness. Using more may overpower you with too much flavour, body and caffeine!

 Getting the Most from your Cone Filter

Whether you brew directly into your commuter mug or into a thermos, this is a great way of preparing coffee. Make sure to gently stir the grounds when adding hot water.

 Coffee Filter

The best coffee filters on the market are the permanent, gold-plated variety. Over the long term, they are economical because they don't need replacing. Paper filters are less efficient, since they can trap and hold flavourful oils that should be in your coffee.

 Automatic Drip

The handiest method for sure. To avoid the dreaded burnt coffee effect, pour your brewed coffee into a pre-warmed thermos to keep each cup fresh.

 French Press

A fancy and flavourful method. It's very important to grind your coffee fairly coarse. Pour halfway full with hot water and swirl the grounds for 10-20 seconds. Pour the remaining water, cover, and wait 3 minutes before plunging the filter. Voilá!

 Home Espresso

Getting the proper fine grind will maximize the flavour of your home espresso. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and keep your machine very clean. Consider flushing regularly with a detergent made especially for home espresso machines.