About Us

Bowen Island Roasting Company is a multi award-winning family owned and operated Micro Roastery. Our roasteries are located on beautiful Bowen Island and in Gibsons, British Columbia, overlooking the majestic North Shore mountains and the ocean waves of Howe Sound, surrounded by Pacific Ocean and West Coast air!

Taste the difference of a TRUE Fresh Roast.

Fresh roasted! At Bowen Coffee, we roast only enough coffee beans to sell fresh each week. We do not warehouse roasted coffee. We roast small batches of top quality green coffee beans to guarantee that you will enjoy the freshest product. Each coffee variety roasts differently and we have developed ultimate roast profiles for each bean.

We spare no effort in the selection of our green beans, the roasting process, and the quick distribution of the freshest coffees around. Our personalized custom services offer customers an infinite variety of roasting styles, blends and packaging options.

At Bowen Island Roasting Company, we are interested only in sustainable and ethical business practices. From cultivation to roasting, we are conscious of the social, economic, and environmental impact, and we work with only those growers and brokers that have proven themselves to provide sustainable practices for the benefit of the local economy, the well being of the workers and of the environment.

We strongly believe coffee produced organically is essential in preserving the health of the consumer, the farmer and their community and the planet we all live on. Organic methods are part of a world view that help to protect the biodiversity of coffee producing lands. We only source Fair Trade or Ethically Traded green coffee beans to ensure the farmers and workers in developing countries get a fair return for their products and labour.

In offering you Organic, Ethically Traded Coffees, we provide ethical consumer choices that support small communities abroad in coffee producing countries.


Really good coffee is what it’s all about though! Our small batch slow roasting process enhance and preserve the complex flavours of some of the finest beans from around the world. We consistently strive to bring out the best flavour in each coffee bean and take tremendous pride in passing this on to you.



100% Canadian BC Family owned and operated by:
Gino & Victoria Rutigliano
Gibsons, BC  V0N1V9  •  604-916-0848